What's that thing over there?

I like German crowns a lot.

I have to go to a meeting now.

People that don't think Latin is the most beautiful language understand nothing.

I'll be right in here.

Raman was on the phone.


The fitting thing was that you should foresee it.

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I'm going to invest money in this business.

Our soccer team has a good defense.

I think what you want is in the drawer.


She has psychic abilities.

I really didn't care.

Now I live in a city. Nevertheless, the distance between my house and the large forest is only about a kilometer.


Alex was the black sheep of the family.


Do you like Wagner?

Phil received numerous threats.

He was promoted to the position of head teacher.

You ought to write a book.

You need to eat less and exercise more.

What have you seen in Tegucigalpa?

I don't have a problem with anything you said.

Ambulances don't have to stop at red lights, but they usually slow down.

Tell Radek to give you some scissors.

I've danced so much that I'm dizzy.

Something funny is always happening in our class.

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Fred is a painter.


Ever since his father died, David is very sad.

He appeared honest.

I made a list of people I wanted to invite to my party.

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Are there beautiful women here?

He is from Osaka, as is shown by his accent.

Come right in.

Don't wake Robert up.

You must listen to it.

I know it's not what you were hoping for, but here's all the money I can give you.

Curiosity got the better of Terrance.

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.

Jane plays tennis too.

One may add matres lectionis when the word could be ambiguous, but surely it is not obligatory.

Do you want a boiled egg for breakfast?

I'd like to get another coffee mug.

May I call on you at your house tomorrow morning?

Tell them to call me before they leave.

Would you know where there is a pharmacy that is open till late?

How intuitive!

Why didn't you just come to me?

Protestors rallied in a last-ditch effort to save the medical centre from closing down.

My study conditions aren't that great.

Would you like to live the life you live now for eternity?

He had a lot of straight, silvery hair.

I think Edgar might be tired.

Tatoeba tells me to go screw myself.

In that case we should start by having a family meeting.

What's the sense of working so hard?

I thought you wouldn't want that.

Neal was John's cellmate.

How would you like to get together this weekend?

My wife and I would just like to go home quietly.

I'm going to have to tell her.

The figures and grotesque masks decorating the modillions are interesting.

Death ends man's finite existence.

It happened that I saw my friend walking in the distance.

He is singing with a lot of ornamentation.

I just assumed you'd be here.


Tran rarely ever spoke.

They can't all be full.

They accorded him many honors.

What's the title of the book you're reading?

From a distance, that stone looks like a person's face.

My weight is 58 kilograms.

His house is near the subway station.


The teacher asked Francis to read his essay aloud.


Things aren't getting any better.

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Mac went crazy.


Turn it up.


In two days, I'll turn 13.

It appears that he will win first prize.

The basement is overrun with rats.

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I, as an American, admire Lincoln.

The accident happened because of our carelessness.

He looked miserable.

The earth became red with blood.

It's Murat who needs convincing.

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I have kept a diary in English these ten years.

The robot was so lifelike that it was uncanny.

That is to say, their behavior seems to be against the rules made by adults.


She got her nipples pierced.

Douglas, we'll start with you.

Break the eggs and remove the yolks.

A student from America lives near my house.

Need they have sold the farm?

So what do you suggest we do?

I know what happens next.

That water is a little salty.

Bonnie is an octogenarian.

You're a big help, Sergeant.

Reiner could never forget the horror of the war.


I've become used to Donnie.


I'm looking for them right now.

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Magnanimity is a great treasure; harmonious affinity with others is wonderful, Detachment from name and gain averts trouble; happiness makes older people feel young.


It's time for your shot.

Her friends had to padlock the freezer to prevent her from eating ice cream.

Show me what you got!

Stuart found an old safe in his garage.

There is no reason why in a society which has reached the general level of wealth which ours has attained the first kind of security should not be guaranteed to all without endangering general freedom. (...) there can be no doubt that some minimum of food, shelter and clothing, sufficient to preserve health and the capacity to work, can be assured to everybody.


They rushed the bill through.

There is no illness like hope.

No girl dares approach him.

A man who breaks his promises cannot be trusted.

Public morals are not respected anymore in this town.

Ellen always makes a face when I point my camera at him.

Ravindranath says he doesn't feel well today.


True friendships last forever.

Is Sanand well enough to work today?

Didn't you talk to them?


I found him a nice apartment.


Ask her when she comes back.

There was little furniture in the room.

Mount Everest is the world's highest peak.

We heard the slow and heavy tramp of feet on the stairs.

What's your favorite small town in the United States?

Amy gave Vladislav a ride home after the party.

Fine, who are you?

I wonder if Jeremy likes me.

Why do you look so glum?

Shadow could've been seriously injured.

I hope Sedovic is going to be OK.

Josh is clearly unhappy to be here.

This site contains sexually explicit material and is intended solely for adults only!


I want to remember all of this.


What kind of jerk is this?


The couple has been falling out over what TV program to watch for over a week.

What became of her?

Have they reported it to the police yet?

Can you get off work tomorrow?

They held firm to their convictions.

Some officials may have been corrupted.

All prayer is dictatorial.

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I really doubt that Mac would be interested in investing in such a project.

You do not have to answer this question.

Carl wrote Nancy's name and phone number in his notebook.


It's a waste of time.

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The consequences of Sendai's earthquake were dreadful!


The storm laid the village flat.

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It takes time to master any skill.

Our teacher permitted us to use a dictionary during the test.

Duncan bought a Japanese-Chinese dictionary.


We are going to the market.


I cannot tell you how to pronounce this word.


He risked his life for it.


I left New York two weeks ago.

When I was a kid, there was a black pig in a pen beside our house.

Everything was fine until Conrad started drinking.

The plane was about to take off when I heard a strange sound.

I'm thinking that I should take French next year.

That happened in 2013.

I didn't attend the meeting, and he didn't either.

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It's been a particularly good week.

Gerald can still make it on time if he runs.

Valerie had better leave us alone.


He came when I was out.